How to voice chat on discord mobile

How to voice chat on discord mobile

Have you ever wondered how to voice chat on discord mobile? When Discord has announced that voice chat is available on Android and iOS devices it significantly increased the number of users. Being free and easy to navigate with access on every mobile system, Discord attracts millions of gamers every day.

How to voice chat on discord app?

All you have to do to enable voice chat is tap the voice channel. It will ask whether you want to connect or not. Think for a second and tap Yes. After confirmation, there will see the channel you are linked with below. There will be an option of disconnecting and the access to the voice settings.

Go to the Voice Settings and choose what you want to use for conversation. There you can optimize the quality of audio, volume, sensitivity of VAD. Don’t waste your time and try it in use.

How to connect my phone to discord chat?

Discord chat is really easy to enter with mobile phone, no matter what system you have. You need to open the app, by tapping the icon. It will be opened on your friends' list.

Press the menu icon and choose channel list. Now scroll down until you find the chat you are interested to join, and tap it. You can pick the Voice chat app at the bottom of the screen.

How to push to talk on discord mobile?

Another simple way to make a conversation is to use Push to Talk option. Just point on whether you want to use PTT or Voice Activity in settings. You’ll have to press button below, on your screen signed as PTT with one finger, whenever you want to talk and don’t know how to talk on discord without a mic.

How to use my iPhone as a discord speaker?

  • All you have to do is a link to the voice channel or private call

  • Open the control navigation center by swiping up

  • Now press the icon of Music box and hold it for some time

  • When box will open press the top-right corner symbol to hold until you’ll receive prompt

  • Now select the option "Speaker"

How to join a voice chat but only listen/no speak?

  • Check the left bottom in your Discord opened a chat

  • See the 3 buttons: cog, headset, and microphone. Tap microphone

This easy procedure will mute your microphone so you will be able to join the chat but don’t speak anything. Once you tap the headset, you will not hear anything from your friends in chat. Cog is for User Settings, so you don’t need it for now. You may try to lower down voice activity by going to Settings – Voice – Voice Activity. Uncheck sensitivity that is automatically there and change it as you want.

How to leave a voice chat channel on mobile?

  • The first option is extremely simple. You need to check the left down corner on your mobile device. Can you see the display of voice channel and names of servers? If yes, then just tap the icon with the handset. It will disconnect you.

  • There is another longer way. Look at the bottom of your window in Discord. Can you see the call’s status there? Near the status must be arrow sign, pointed upwards. It brings more options like muting or disconnecting. Press on disconnection and end the conversation.

Discord is used by over 90 million people. All of them love to chat with each other while playing or just discuss something with each other. With its accessibility to every mobile device, Discord went to another new level. Developers of the app took care that it had user friendly interface and simple navigation. You don’t need to learn the manual before you download app. Just follow simple tips.