How to change nickname on Discord mobile

Discord is the app that attracts with its easiness in navigation, freedom of choices and friendly community. It does not matter what purposes you have, to find friends, join the guild, talk about the game, you can always find what you are looking for and probably more. Discord allows you to change yourself, as your interests and goals may change. Once you find that your nickname does not suit or define your true character, you can change it.

Discord offers you to bring changes into your profile. If the new nickname is free to use, you can change it. Check with the permissions of server owner and go for it.

How to change nickname on Discord mobile

You can go either the long and hard way or short way to change your name on Discord. Besides that, you are able to change the nickname of yours in the user list of every server you are using. However, changing the nickname does not change the username of your account, so if other users want to locate you, they are able to do it.

Picking the long way

The first step is always to enter your account with a unique password and email. It is not hard to do. If you don’t remember your password, there is a reminder to you. Once you are registered and everything works properly:

Do you see the icon near your name at the left lower corner of your screen? Find it. It looks like a white cogwheel. This is the icon of User Settings. Pressing it you enter the settings page.

There is a button Edit in the higher right corner of the Setting page, underneath heading called My Account. You will see the name. You can edit the information there, including your password, email, and username.

You can see your current name in the field below the tag Username. Tap on it to delete it and type the one you want. You may also complete the field Email or change the password if you need by picking the option Change Password. Not so hard, right?

After all the changes were made and you are satisfied with it, you will need to confirm your person by typing the password. It gives you the ability to save new data.  Click the button with title Save on it. It is down in the right corner of section My Account. Once you do this, changes will be saved there.

Short road

While the previous way was not so hard or long itself, there is an even quicker option for you. If you are not an owner of the server, but you want to change the name there, it may be an even better way for you. Just follow the instruction:

  • Click the settings of the menu, which locates at the upper section of window Discord. You will see the name of the server inside and turned down arrowhead on its right side. Pick it.

  • You will see the drop-down menu with Privacy Settings, Server Settings, Channel and Category creation. Go down, until you see Change Nickname option. Press it.

  • So, now you are able to type your new nickname in a field that appeared. After you do it, don’t forget to press button Save, highlighted in a blue color.

Another way

If you are not happy with two previous ways and is lazy enough to hope that there is something even simpler, you are right. You may use slash commands instead of scrolling and tapping. Just enter /nick inside the input of messages area, type your new nickname to change it. You don’t have to go to the menu, pick something, scroll up and down. You can try it with each server you are signed in. Of course, you will have to check if you are able to change the nickname in every server.

How to manage names on multiple servers

This is valuable information for servers’ owners. Once you own a server, you can change and edit nicknames of people who join you. You have two permissions that are dedicated to the use of nicknames:

First one is to Change Nickname. It will give permission to the user of your server to change nickname there. If you don’t own the server, you will need to ask permission. If the permission is not granted, you stay with your previous nickname. The situation changes once the server’s owner gives permission.

Manage Nicknames option. Choosing this variant you allow members of your server to change nicknames of each other as long as they are members. If you are not an owner of the server, the permission must be granted by the one who has right on it.

Change the nicknames of members is simple:

  • Open Server Settings in the menu

  • Access the tab Members

  • In this area pick the member whose name you want to change

  • Once you picked it, three vertical dots in the upper right corner will appear

  • Press dots and open options

  • Choose section Change Nickname

  • Now write down the nickname you want to see in the appeared box and push Save once it finished

People who will come to your server will see changed nicknames in the right section of Members area. If the access to Change nickname was denied by server owner, you are not able to change your own nickname and nicknames of users.  It does not matter which way you will choose, the bot will notify you that you can’t change the nickname on the server.

Meanwhile, if you want to hide behind the new nickname from other users, changing the name is not a good idea. Everyone can still see your previous name by accessing your profile. It is not hard to do. So, the best way is to try avoiding different confrontations among members of your community.


Discord allows you to change your nickname in several easy ways. All you need is permission of server owner for that. Beware! Your previous info did not go anywhere and still can be seen by others.