How to add custom emojis to discord mobile?

Discord has a wide list of emojis. You can run through the different categories or use the search to make it easier to find your favorite ones. It is really simple to add the necessary smile to a conversation with your friend to underline your current mood or feeling right now. Click on the gray emoji icon in the right corner of the text field.

Then, when you have already clicked on it, a whole list of emojis will open in front of you. Here you can quickly select as many smiles as you want, then press shift while clicking on them! Thus, you can actually show your friends what you really meant by saying this or that. Hint! If you subscribe to a partner stream, and you have their emojis, they will also be displayed, and you can select them.

Wumboji upgrade

If you give emojis such an opportunity, they will increase and show themselves in all their glory. If your message consists only of emojis and will not contain any other characters, wumboji will appear. Up to 27 wumboji can fit into one message. If there are more, they will be too crowded, and they will decrease again.

Please note that emojis will not turn into wumboji in compact mode. Wumboji is very picky and refuses to work with anything that has the prefix "compact" to its name. But this makes a perfect sense if you think about it.

How to add custom emojis to discord mobile

As a pleasant bonus to the standard set of emojis, you may also add custom emojis for your server, and also synchronize your emojis with the emojis of your chosen streamers and use also their sets! It is really simple. You will find detailed instructions below.

If you are following several streamers that have enabled the special emojis option for your stream channels, you can link your account to the Discord account to use their emojis on all the servers you join.  Besides, you are able to add various emojis to your own server! You will find an extremely easy to add emoji through the server settings.

If you are able to navigate emojis (or you are an owner of the server), you can access the emojis list and upload your personalized set. You can download them by simply pressing a button in the upper right corner. Please note that you can upload up to fifty emojis on one server, and they will only appear on the server on which they were loaded. Their size for loading should not exceed 128x128 pixels. For your convenience, the program will sort all your emojis by servers.

It is very important to remember that special emojis can be used EXCLUSIVELY on the server where they were loaded. If you try to enter an emoji from another server, you will receive an error message. Be aware of this limit!

You will notice that some servers have both inaccessible and publicly available emojis. While manually loaded emojis can only be used on one server (and cannot be used on others), integrated emojis are available on any server! We are talking about synchronized emojis from the service Twitch and BTTV.

Sometimes one emoji face can speak for a dozen words. Instead of describing your emotion to your friends, you can simply pick the most suitable emoji face. And who told you that emoji can’t serve as a statement? All you have to do is to push the icon near the message. Choose the best emoji from the list and press it.  This is it, now your message will be completed.

If you feel that one emotion is not enough, you can press the button Add Reaction, which appears near the previous emoji. You are able to intensify your emoji there. For instance, once you’ve picked fire emoji, you may underline the heat with increasing the height of flames and color.

Here are some clues for you:

  • If you feel that the emoji you just picked is too much and you want to get rid of it, just click on its shell and it will disappear.

  • To pick one of the most used emoji, click right on the message.

  • Reactions menu helps you to see who added the emoji the first place.

Emoji is a nice opportunity to express your feelings without extra words. It helps to improve conversation, make it less formal or boring. Emoji humanize your online discussions and underline your creativity.