How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

Want to know how to add bots to discord? You are in the right place. This article will give you an insight about Discord Bots, how to find good bots, the benefits of adding bots and a step by step guide of adding bots to your Discord server.


Discord is a free chat service for gamers. It is popular and is utilized by a lot of gamers from all parts of the globe. This app is user-friendly, and managing servers on Discord is easy as well. While Discord is powerful at what it does, there’s always a range for adding more features. After all, not all utilize this app in the same way. To customize the server to your fondness, and put in features, Discord enables users to put in bots to their servers.

Discord Bots Explained

Bots are computer programs which interact with people and sometimes with other bots to do specific functions automatically. If you are in the online world, you have almost definitely interacted with bots.

The mysteriously sociable girl on dating app who wanted you to follow her on Tweeter is maybe a bot. The “customer personnel” who answer your call regarding your issue on cable service is maybe a bot. Once the bot could not answer your query, it kicked you over to a person without any intermission. Ever visit a site and had an accommodating chat window instantly open up providing a service to help you with your questions about the service or product that was a bot. Once you utilize Reddit, you see the interactions of bot all the time.

Bots sometimes are helpful or annoying; it depends on their purpose, design as well as how they are used. However, on discord, bots offer an array of productive as well as not-so-productive features to the network on the server where they reside. Like for instance, there are bots which play music or provide remarkable memes on demand, bots which fetch you game statistics for you. There are also bots which play a loud airhorn noise on the channel if invoked.

How to Find Good Bots

Discord is lots of bots; in fact, there are lots freely obtainable bots. There is a list of semi-useful and silly bots. On the other hand, there are also serious bots which can be found on various sites including Carbonitex site that is considered as one of the most excellent repositories of Discord bots. Another reliable repository for Discord bots is Discord bots.

Why Add Bots to Discord? What are the Perks of Doing So?

Bots are regarded as the virtual assistants that boost your experience in communication. If you add a bot to discord, you are able to use it anytime you want. What is more, adding bots on discord server also gets rid of the need for monitoring scores and statistics of other gamers in the discord server. Bots are able to help boost productivity or make you happy during serious gaming sessions.

Do share a quantity of the most excellent Discord bots which you use. Also, you can share any alternate technique on how to make a discord bot and help the community.

Adding Bots on Your Discord

It is relatively easy to add bots on your Discord server. All you have to do is to log in to your Discord account in a web browser, and you are ready to go, assuming that you already have bots that you like to add to your Discord. If you are searching for Discord bots, please visit a reliable site like Carbonitex or the off the record Discord Bots site, to search for the most excellent bots which you can put into your server.

If you already have the bots that you like to add to your discord server, you can just follow these steps:

  • Visit Discord app site, and log into your account. Ensure you have permissions on manager serve that you like to add the bots too.

  • On carbonitex site, hit the button “Add Bot to Server.” If you are adding bots from the website of Discord Bots, hit the Invite button.

  • You’ll be directed to an authorization screen and from here, hit the Select a Server menu, and choose the server you like to add the bots.

  • Simply hit the Authorize button. After this, the bots will be added to your Discord server, and you are able to view it in the sidebar for the server.

These are the simple and easy steps that you need to follow in order to add bots to a discord server.

Alternate Technique in Adding Bots To Your Discord Server

Aside from the techniques mentioned above, there is also another way of adding bots to the discord. The method mentioned is so easy, however, if you’re a professional user and wish to add bots as quickly as possible to your server, then you can try this technique.

All you need to do is to paste these URL into the web browser of choice:


  • Change the ‘Bot_Client_ID’ in the above URL with the client ID of the bots you are willing to add to your server. Akin to the preceding technique, authorize the bot as well as to authenticate the captcha.

Add Bots Easily to Your Discord Server

Now that you are already equipped with information on how to add bots to a Discord server go ahead and boost your Discord server with amazing and remarkable bots which you find useful.  Also, there are many bots accessible for a Discord server. You can look in the websites mentioned above, to get some of the finest and greatest bots out there. You can also make your own bots. If you are not aware of how to make bots worry no more because there are many sites that offer free guides in creating your own bots. All you need to do is to take in researching the best source.