Discord is the voice chat app best for gamers

Discord is the voice chat app best for gamers

Playing games like a professional means you need to talk a lot to your team inside the game. Sometimes to organize players in the game is more important than master your skills in the fight. Discord was created to solve the problem.

This app came to the market recently. The idea of the app is not unique, but Discord managed to survive in the harsh competition conditions. One of the main and obvious advantages of this app is that it is a free offer. Discord combines approachable UI chat of Slack or IRC and video calls of Skype.

The app has recently revealed it has 90 million users across the world. Every day 14 million people logging on the platform. The app offers much more than video chat. Discord is the place where gamers can socialize, hang up, and meet with others.

Discord runs with every popular system, including both iOS and Android.  It supports messaging, audio calls and video chats for 10 people maximum. It was made to support chats during video games, to make gamers visible to each other, to let them talk with each other, and coordinate the game.

For many gamers, the app is a way to talk and find friends with similar interests. They can add each other to friends’ lists for better and quicker communication. Discord took the benefits of TeamSpeak and Skype, mixing it with professional communication app Slack.

If you have the interest in a particular game or genre, character in the game, you can find group of people with similar interests on one of the servers. If you have not found what you were looking for, don’t give up, create your own server, go public and invite people. It does not have to be only game related topics, you can talk about cryptocurrency, anime, or anything you want to discuss.

Difference of Discord

Discord is not the first and only one free chat app. Its main difference is in the options of chat Discord offers. Interface that is easy to use can compete with Slack and Skype. Another benefit of Discord is that it does not slow down the game, while gamers are using it.

Discord is oriented on social media platforms. You can find people with similar interests there and talk with them in text, voice or video chat. Chat rooms are separated by interests of the group. Gigantic forums inside the app unite people across the world.

You can go and join group to discuss some TV show or movie, or you may create your own server to discuss the strategy of the game with your friends. If you don’t play video games you can still find lots of interesting topics to discuss on servers.

The app is accessible almost everywhere. You don’t have to use your PC all the time. But if you want to run the app on your computer, you can download its lightweight version, which will run smoothly in the background without slowing down your game. There is a light version for mobile which is quick to download and does not cost a thing. Discord gathers gamers from everywhere, which helps to make new friends across the world.

Benefits of Discord

This app is free. You can join any server you want or several of them at the same time. There is no limit. Remember that each server is like an independent online community. You can talk by voice or using text messaging. The app hosts its own servers.

It does not take much time to get connected with Discord. You can arrange meeting with your friends there while playing the game. The best thing is that servers are mainly private, so you have to receive invitation links. The access to public sever is through permanent invite link.

There are some minor gaps in the app as well. All servers are hosted via Discord. This means that servers can go down one fine day and all you could do is to wait till the problem will be fixed.

In the meantime, Discords’ benefits are far more obvious than its possible glitches. This is a free app, running smoothly on any device. Since it does not slow down your game and provides you possibility to talk and chat with friends while you are on the mission, it is worth to try.