Discord chat app: parent guide

Discord chat app: parent guide

It is only natural for parents to want the best for their children. This includes taking care of their safety both in real life and online. Discord parent reviews suggest that this is considered to be safe place for everyone, with closed servers and private information policy. Still, there is information that parents may be curious about.

What is this app about? This is a free platform that provides audio, video and text chats. It is available for teenagers and adults starting from 13 years old. Younger children can use this app only with their parents sitting nearby.

Discord was made for gamers who want to talk to their teammates while on the quest. It is accessible on mobile phones, web-browsers, PC. Besides conversations in a game, they can either join forums available on Discord to discuss games, movies or create their own server and send invitations to friends. Users are able to exchange voice messages, texts, make video calls. The app allows talking to up to 10 friends at the same time.

Unlike Reddit forum, Discord allows its visitors to build private servers accessible only by invitations. If the conversation stops being interesting, you can make several moves, according to discord parental controls guide. For example:

  • Pick up names that can send you messages

  • Arrange who can invite you to be friends

  • Pick the best chats you want to be a part of

  • Block or unblock people you don’t like

  • Delete messages you don’t want to see

  • Limit people who can attend your server

  • Raise the level of security on the forum

Why does my child prefer Discord? Should I let my kid get discord?

Most likely your teenage play online games with palls and want to stay connected with them. This app is the easiest way to talk and play at the same time. They don’t even have to play games. Some teens prefer to use Discord as a communication tool. They can discuss any interesting topics, meet with people across the world with the same interests.

While some severer are closed and created specifically for a small group of friends, there are common chats divided by topics, everyone can join. That is where you need to discuss with your child questions about safety online.

Is the Discord safe?

According to Discord parent guide developers, they are doing everything to make sure that an app is a safe place for everyone. However, this is a pretty big community with several millions of users constantly online. That is why it is important to visit the website of Discord and to read Community Guidelines and Terms of Service to understand how to behave appropriately there.

There is no private information visible for public eyes. And developers are warning not to give anyone this information. There is no way that some of the stuff may ask for passwords or credit card numbers.

Usually, the content available for common use is checked by online security. Inappropriate content is deleted. All unwanted or suspicious contacts can be blocked with the help of anti discord child predator measures.

How to secure account?

  • The first step is to make a reliable password. No birthday numbers or first names. It must be really difficult to guess. Use numbers and letters together. Some of the letters may be capital. Never share your password with others. Even Discord’s team never asks it.

You can also turn on two factor auto button to make sure that no one is able to log in except your teen. You’ll need to come up with another password on a 2nd device to guarantee security. To do it you need to go to the User Setting, enter My Account, press Enable 2 Factor Authorization.

  • The second step is to choose who can send message or requests to friends

This is a very nice feature to use. And it is very easy to navigate. You just need to go to Settings and choose Privacy & Safety icon. Now turn down “Allow messages from other members”.  You don’t need it. Don’t leave the menu yet. Deselect in the option of everyone’s adding you as a friend or servers members.

  • Step 3 – block content that you find inappropriate. There is already auto filtration from Discord. It is called Explicit Content Filter. You can set it by yourself. It will detect violent content and delete it. Open Settings, Privacy and Safety icon. Now go to the Keep me Safe box.

These steps will help you to feel more secure. Still, you’ll have to talk with your teens about inappropriate and violent content online. There are millions of websites your child is using every day. It is better to teach him/her how to block suspicious users and create secure accounts.