How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server Want to know how to add bots to discord? You are in the right place. This article will give you an insight about Discord Bots, how to find good bots, the benefits of adding bots and a step by step guide of adding bots to your Discord server. Overview Discord is a free chat service for gamers. It is popular and is utilized by a lot of gamers from all parts of the globe. This app is user-friendly, and managing servers on Discord is easy as well. While Discord is powerful at what it does, there’s always a range for adding more features. After all, not all utilize this app in the same way. To customize the server to your fondness, and put in features, Discord enables users to put in bots to their servers. Discord Bots Explained Bots are computer programs which interact with people and sometimes with other bots to do specific functions automatically. If you are in the online world, you have almost definitely interacted with bots. The mysteriously sociable girl on dating app who wanted you to follow her on Tweeter is maybe a bot. The “customer personnel” who answer your call regarding your issue on cable service is maybe a bot. Once the bot could not answer your query, it kicked you over to a person without any intermission. Ever visit a site and had an accommodating chat window instantly open up providing a service to help you with your questions about the service or product that was a bot. Once you utilize Reddit, you see the interactions of bot all the time. Bots sometimes are helpful or annoying; it depends on their purpose, design as well as how they are used. However, on discord, bots offer an array of productive as well as not-so-productive features to the network on the server where they reside. Like for instance, there are bots which play music or provide remarkable memes on demand, bots which fetch you game statistics for you. There are also bots which play a loud airhorn noise on the channel if invoked. How to Find Good Bots Discord is lots of bots; in fact, there are lots freely obtainable bots. There is a list of semi-useful and silly bots. On the other hand, there are also serious bots which can be found on various sites including Carbonitex site that is considered as one of the most excellent repositories of Discord bots. Another reliable repository for Discord bots is Discord bots. Why Add Bots to Discord? What are the Perks of Doing So? Bots are regarded as the virtual assistants that boost your experience in communication. If you add a bot to discord, you are able to use it anytime you want. What is more, adding bots on discord server also gets rid of the need for monitoring scores and statistics of other gamers in the discord server. Bots are able to help boost productivity or make you happy during serious gaming sessions. Do share a quantity of the most excellent Discord bots which you use. Also, you can share any alternate technique on how to make a discord bot and help the community. Adding Bots on Your Discord It is relatively easy to add bots on your Discord server. All you have to do is to log in to your Discord account in a web browser, and you are ready to go, assuming that you already have bots that you like to add to your Discord. If you are searching for Discord bots, please visit a reliable site like Carbonitex or the off the record Discord Bots site, to search for the most excellent bots which you can put into your server. If you already have the bots that you like to add to your discord server, you can just follow these steps: Visit Discord app site, and log into your account. Ensure you have permissions on manager serve that you like to add the bots too. On carbonitex site, hit the button “Add Bot to Server.” If you are adding bots from the website of Discord Bots, hit the Invite button. You’ll be directed to an authorization screen and from here, hit the Select a Server menu, and choose the server you like to add the bots. Simply hit the Authorize button. After this, the bots will be added to your Discord server, and you are able to view it in the sidebar for the server. These are the simple and easy steps that you need to follow in order to add bots to a discord server. Alternate Technique in Adding Bots To Your Discord Server Aside from the techniques mentioned above, there is also another way of adding bots to the discord. The method mentioned is so easy, however, if you’re a professional user and wish to add bots as quickly as possible to your server, then you can try this technique. All you need to do is to paste these URL into the web browser of choice: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=<Bot_Client_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0 Change the ‘Bot_Client_ID’ in the above URL with the client ID of the bots you are willing to add to your server. Akin to the preceding technique, authorize the bot as well as to authenticate the captcha. Add Bots Easily to Your Discord Server Now that you are already equipped with information on how to add bots to a Discord server go ahead and boost your Discord server with amazing and remarkable bots which you find useful.  Also, there are many bots accessible for a Discord server. You can look in the websites mentioned above, to get some of the finest and greatest bots out there. You can also make your own bots. If you are not aware of how to make bots worry no more because there are many sites that offer free guides in creating your own bots. All you need to do is to take in researching the best source.   Continue Reading How to add custom emojis to discord mobile? Discord has a wide list of emojis. You can run through the different categories or use the search to make it easier to find your favorite ones. It is really simple to add the necessary smile to a conversation with your friend to underline your current mood or feeling right now. Click on the gray emoji icon in the right corner of the text field. Then, when you have already clicked on it, a whole list of emojis will open in front of you. Here you can quickly select as many smiles as you want, then press shift while clicking on them! Thus, you can actually show your friends what you really meant by saying this or that. Hint! If you subscribe to a partner stream, and you have their emojis, they will also be displayed, and you can select them. Wumboji upgrade If you give emojis such an opportunity, they will increase and show themselves in all their glory. If your message consists only of emojis and will not contain any other characters, wumboji will appear. Up to 27 wumboji can fit into one message. If there are more, they will be too crowded, and they will decrease again. Please note that emojis will not turn into wumboji in compact mode. Wumboji is very picky and refuses to work with anything that has the prefix "compact" to its name. But this makes a perfect sense if you think about it. How to add custom emojis to discord mobile As a pleasant bonus to the standard set of emojis, you may also add custom emojis for your server, and also synchronize your emojis with the emojis of your chosen streamers and use also their sets! It is really simple. You will find detailed instructions below. If you are following several streamers that have enabled the special emojis option for your stream channels, you can link your account to the Discord account to use their emojis on all the servers you join.  Besides, you are able to add various emojis to your own server! You will find an extremely easy to add emoji through the server settings. If you are able to navigate emojis (or you are an owner of the server), you can access the emojis list and upload your personalized set. You can download them by simply pressing a button in the upper right corner. Please note that you can upload up to fifty emojis on one server, and they will only appear on the server on which they were loaded. Their size for loading should not exceed 128x128 pixels. For your convenience, the program will sort all your emojis by servers. It is very important to remember that special emojis can be used EXCLUSIVELY on the server where they were loaded. If you try to enter an emoji from another server, you will receive an error message. Be aware of this limit! You will notice that some servers have both inaccessible and publicly available emojis. While manually loaded emojis can only be used on one server (and cannot be used on others), integrated emojis are available on any server! We are talking about synchronized emojis from the service Twitch and BTTV. Sometimes one emoji face can speak for a dozen words. Instead of describing your emotion to your friends, you can simply pick the most suitable emoji face. And who told you that emoji can’t serve as a statement? All you have to do is to push the icon near the message. Choose the best emoji from the list and press it.  This is it, now your message will be completed. If you feel that one emotion is not enough, you can press the button Add Reaction, which appears near the previous emoji. You are able to intensify your emoji there. For instance, once you’ve picked fire emoji, you may underline the heat with increasing the height of flames and color. Here are some clues for you: If you feel that the emoji you just picked is too much and you want to get rid of it, just click on its shell and it will disappear. To pick one of the most used emoji, click right on the message. Reactions menu helps you to see who added the emoji the first place. Emoji is a nice opportunity to express your feelings without extra words. It helps to improve conversation, make it less formal or boring. Emoji humanize your online discussions and underline your creativity.   Continue Reading How to change nickname on Discord mobile Discord is the app that attracts with its easiness in navigation, freedom of choices and friendly community. It does not matter what purposes you have, to find friends, join the guild, talk about the game, you can always find what you are looking for and probably more. Discord allows you to change yourself, as your interests and goals may change. Once you find that your nickname does not suit or define your true character, you can change it. Discord offers you to bring changes into your profile. If the new nickname is free to use, you can change it. Check with the permissions of server owner and go for it. How to change nickname on Discord mobile You can go either the long and hard way or short way to change your name on Discord. Besides that, you are able to change the nickname of yours in the user list of every server you are using. However, changing the nickname does not change the username of your account, so if other users want to locate you, they are able to do it. Picking the long way The first step is always to enter your account with a unique password and email. It is not hard to do. If you don’t remember your password, there is a reminder to you. Once you are registered and everything works properly: Do you see the icon near your name at the left lower corner of your screen? Find it. It looks like a white cogwheel. This is the icon of User Settings. Pressing it you enter the settings page. There is a button Edit in the higher right corner of the Setting page, underneath heading called My Account. You will see the name. You can edit the information there, including your password, email, and username. You can see your current name in the field below the tag Username. Tap on it to delete it and type the one you want. You may also complete the field Email or change the password if you need by picking the option Change Password. Not so hard, right? After all the changes were made and you are satisfied with it, you will need to confirm your person by typing the password. It gives you the ability to save new data.  Click the button with title Save on it. It is down in the right corner of section My Account. Once you do this, changes will be saved there. Short road While the previous way was not so hard or long itself, there is an even quicker option for you. If you are not an owner of the server, but you want to change the name there, it may be an even better way for you. Just follow the instruction: Click the settings of the menu, which locates at the upper section of window Discord. You will see the name of the server inside and turned down arrowhead on its right side. Pick it. You will see the drop-down menu with Privacy Settings, Server Settings, Channel and Category creation. Go down, until you see Change Nickname option. Press it. So, now you are able to type your new nickname in a field that appeared. After you do it, don’t forget to press button Save, highlighted in a blue color. Another way If you are not happy with two previous ways and is lazy enough to hope that there is something even simpler, you are right. You may use slash commands instead of scrolling and tapping. Just enter /nick inside the input of messages area, type your new nickname to change it. You don’t have to go to the menu, pick something, scroll up and down. You can try it with each server you are signed in. Of course, you will have to check if you are able to change the nickname in every server. How to manage names on multiple servers This is valuable information for servers’ owners. Once you own a server, you can change and edit nicknames of people who join you. You have two permissions that are dedicated to the use of nicknames: First one is to Change Nickname. It will give permission to the user of your server to change nickname there. If you don’t own the server, you will need to ask permission. If the permission is not granted, you stay with your previous nickname. The situation changes once the server’s owner gives permission. Manage Nicknames option. Choosing this variant you allow members of your server to change nicknames of each other as long as they are members. If you are not an owner of the server, the permission must be granted by the one who has right on it. Change the nicknames of members is simple: Open Server Settings in the menu Access the tab Members In this area pick the member whose name you want to change Once you picked it, three vertical dots in the upper right corner will appear Press dots and open options Choose section Change Nickname Now write down the nickname you want to see in the appeared box and push Save once it finished People who will come to your server will see changed nicknames in the right section of Members area. If the access to Change nickname was denied by server owner, you are not able to change your own nickname and nicknames of users.  It does not matter which way you will choose, the bot will notify you that you can’t change the nickname on the server. Meanwhile, if you want to hide behind the new nickname from other users, changing the name is not a good idea. Everyone can still see your previous name by accessing your profile. It is not hard to do. So, the best way is to try avoiding different confrontations among members of your community.   Discord allows you to change your nickname in several easy ways. All you need is permission of server owner for that. Beware! Your previous info did not go anywhere and still can be seen by others.   Continue Reading How to voice chat on discord mobile Have you ever wondered how to voice chat on discord mobile? When Discord has announced that voice chat is available on Android and iOS devices it significantly increased the number of users. Being free and easy to navigate with access on every mobile system, Discord attracts millions of gamers every day. How to voice chat on discord app? All you have to do to enable voice chat is tap the voice channel. It will ask whether you want to connect or not. Think for a second and tap Yes. After confirmation, there will see the channel you are linked with below. There will be an option of disconnecting and the access to the voice settings. Go to the Voice Settings and choose what you want to use for conversation. There you can optimize the quality of audio, volume, sensitivity of VAD. Don’t waste your time and try it in use. How to connect my phone to discord chat? Discord chat is really easy to enter with mobile phone, no matter what system you have. You need to open the app, by tapping the icon. It will be opened on your friends' list. Press the menu icon and choose channel list. Now scroll down until you find the chat you are interested to join, and tap it. You can pick the Voice chat app at the bottom of the screen. How to push to talk on discord mobile? Another simple way to make a conversation is to use Push to Talk option. Just point on whether you want to use PTT or Voice Activity in settings. You’ll have to press button below, on your screen signed as PTT with one finger, whenever you want to talk and don’t know how to talk on discord without a mic. How to use my iPhone as a discord speaker? All you have to do is a link to the voice channel or private call Open the control navigation center by swiping up Now press the icon of Music box and hold it for some time When box will open press the top-right corner symbol to hold until you’ll receive prompt Now select the option "Speaker" How to join a voice chat but only listen/no speak? Check the left bottom in your Discord opened a chat See the 3 buttons: cog, headset, and microphone. Tap microphone This easy procedure will mute your microphone so you will be able to join the chat but don’t speak anything. Once you tap the headset, you will not hear anything from your friends in chat. Cog is for User Settings, so you don’t need it for now. You may try to lower down voice activity by going to Settings – Voice – Voice Activity. Uncheck sensitivity that is automatically there and change it as you want. How to leave a voice chat channel on mobile? The first option is extremely simple. You need to check the left down corner on your mobile device. Can you see the display of voice channel and names of servers? If yes, then just tap the icon with the handset. It will disconnect you. There is another longer way. Look at the bottom of your window in Discord. Can you see the call’s status there? Near the status must be arrow sign, pointed upwards. It brings more options like muting or disconnecting. Press on disconnection and end the conversation. Discord is used by over 90 million people. All of them love to chat with each other while playing or just discuss something with each other. With its accessibility to every mobile device, Discord went to another new level. Developers of the app took care that it had user friendly interface and simple navigation. You don’t need to learn the manual before you download app. Just follow simple tips.   Continue Reading Discord is the voice chat app best for gamers Playing games like a professional means you need to talk a lot to your team inside the game. Sometimes to organize players in the game is more important than master your skills in the fight. Discord was created to solve the problem. This app came to the market recently. The idea of the app is not unique, but Discord managed to survive in the harsh competition conditions. One of the main and obvious advantages of this app is that it is a free offer. Discord combines approachable UI chat of Slack or IRC and video calls of Skype. The app has recently revealed it has 90 million users across the world. Every day 14 million people logging on the platform. The app offers much more than video chat. Discord is the place where gamers can socialize, hang up, and meet with others. Discord runs with every popular system, including both iOS and Android.  It supports messaging, audio calls and video chats for 10 people maximum. It was made to support chats during video games, to make gamers visible to each other, to let them talk with each other, and coordinate the game. For many gamers, the app is a way to talk and find friends with similar interests. They can add each other to friends’ lists for better and quicker communication. Discord took the benefits of TeamSpeak and Skype, mixing it with professional communication app Slack. If you have the interest in a particular game or genre, character in the game, you can find group of people with similar interests on one of the servers. If you have not found what you were looking for, don’t give up, create your own server, go public and invite people. It does not have to be only game related topics, you can talk about cryptocurrency, anime, or anything you want to discuss. Difference of Discord Discord is not the first and only one free chat app. Its main difference is in the options of chat Discord offers. Interface that is easy to use can compete with Slack and Skype. Another benefit of Discord is that it does not slow down the game, while gamers are using it. Discord is oriented on social media platforms. You can find people with similar interests there and talk with them in text, voice or video chat. Chat rooms are separated by interests of the group. Gigantic forums inside the app unite people across the world. You can go and join group to discuss some TV show or movie, or you may create your own server to discuss the strategy of the game with your friends. If you don’t play video games you can still find lots of interesting topics to discuss on servers. The app is accessible almost everywhere. You don’t have to use your PC all the time. But if you want to run the app on your computer, you can download its lightweight version, which will run smoothly in the background without slowing down your game. There is a light version for mobile which is quick to download and does not cost a thing. Discord gathers gamers from everywhere, which helps to make new friends across the world. Benefits of Discord This app is free. You can join any server you want or several of them at the same time. There is no limit. Remember that each server is like an independent online community. You can talk by voice or using text messaging. The app hosts its own servers. It does not take much time to get connected with Discord. You can arrange meeting with your friends there while playing the game. The best thing is that servers are mainly private, so you have to receive invitation links. The access to public sever is through permanent invite link. There are some minor gaps in the app as well. All servers are hosted via Discord. This means that servers can go down one fine day and all you could do is to wait till the problem will be fixed. In the meantime, Discords’ benefits are far more obvious than its possible glitches. This is a free app, running smoothly on any device. Since it does not slow down your game and provides you possibility to talk and chat with friends while you are on the mission, it is worth to try.   Continue Reading Discord chat app: parent guide It is only natural for parents to want the best for their children. This includes taking care of their safety both in real life and online. Discord parent reviews suggest that this is considered to be safe place for everyone, with closed servers and private information policy. Still, there is information that parents may be curious about. What is this app about? This is a free platform that provides audio, video and text chats. It is available for teenagers and adults starting from 13 years old. Younger children can use this app only with their parents sitting nearby. Discord was made for gamers who want to talk to their teammates while on the quest. It is accessible on mobile phones, web-browsers, PC. Besides conversations in a game, they can either join forums available on Discord to discuss games, movies or create their own server and send invitations to friends. Users are able to exchange voice messages, texts, make video calls. The app allows talking to up to 10 friends at the same time. Unlike Reddit forum, Discord allows its visitors to build private servers accessible only by invitations. If the conversation stops being interesting, you can make several moves, according to discord parental controls guide. For example: Pick up names that can send you messages Arrange who can invite you to be friends Pick the best chats you want to be a part of Block or unblock people you don’t like Delete messages you don’t want to see Limit people who can attend your server Raise the level of security on the forum Why does my child prefer Discord? Should I let my kid get discord? Most likely your teenage play online games with palls and want to stay connected with them. This app is the easiest way to talk and play at the same time. They don’t even have to play games. Some teens prefer to use Discord as a communication tool. They can discuss any interesting topics, meet with people across the world with the same interests. While some severer are closed and created specifically for a small group of friends, there are common chats divided by topics, everyone can join. That is where you need to discuss with your child questions about safety online. Is the Discord safe? According to Discord parent guide developers, they are doing everything to make sure that an app is a safe place for everyone. However, this is a pretty big community with several millions of users constantly online. That is why it is important to visit the website of Discord and to read Community Guidelines and Terms of Service to understand how to behave appropriately there. There is no private information visible for public eyes. And developers are warning not to give anyone this information. There is no way that some of the stuff may ask for passwords or credit card numbers. Usually, the content available for common use is checked by online security. Inappropriate content is deleted. All unwanted or suspicious contacts can be blocked with the help of anti discord child predator measures. How to secure account? The first step is to make a reliable password. No birthday numbers or first names. It must be really difficult to guess. Use numbers and letters together. Some of the letters may be capital. Never share your password with others. Even Discord’s team never asks it. You can also turn on two factor auto button to make sure that no one is able to log in except your teen. You’ll need to come up with another password on a 2nd device to guarantee security. To do it you need to go to the User Setting, enter My Account, press Enable 2 Factor Authorization. The second step is to choose who can send message or requests to friends This is a very nice feature to use. And it is very easy to navigate. You just need to go to Settings and choose Privacy & Safety icon. Now turn down “Allow messages from other members”.  You don’t need it. Don’t leave the menu yet. Deselect in the option of everyone’s adding you as a friend or servers members. Step 3 – block content that you find inappropriate. There is already auto filtration from Discord. It is called Explicit Content Filter. You can set it by yourself. It will detect violent content and delete it. Open Settings, Privacy and Safety icon. Now go to the Keep me Safe box. These steps will help you to feel more secure. Still, you’ll have to talk with your teens about inappropriate and violent content online. There are millions of websites your child is using every day. It is better to teach him/her how to block suspicious users and create secure accounts.   Continue Reading