About Us

About us

Gamers play, gamers chat, gamers use the Discord app to stay connected!

  • This is the world’s biggest platform for gaming with more than 150 million users.

  • Text and voice messages transmitted between players are the most convenient way to communicate while you’re playing. 530 millions of messages are sent by users daily and 15 billion — every month.

  • The Discord platform that was designed specifically for gamers and every day 8.2 million people are chatting concurrently with the help of the Discord app.

  • 19 million users use Discord daily both for gaming and personal communication.

  • There are a few dozens of gaming titles available in the Discord store. This number will increase soon thanks to the developers’ intention to get close to the Steam’s position on the market.

  • $1.65 billion is the estimated value of Discord.

This was Discord in brief facts and numbers. And what is Discord for you?