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Discord - Chat for Gamers

  • Developer: Hammer And Chisel
  • Genre: VoIP communications, Instant messaging
  • Version: 8.3
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Official information

Release Date May 13, 2015
Developer Hammer And Chisel
Publisher Discord Inc.
Genre VoIP communications, Instant messaging
Language English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean
System Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Andoid, iOS
Version 8.3


Discord - Always Down for a Game

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Discord app is a terrific tool for both pro-gamers and people, who enjoy online playing as a harmless relaxant.

WoT battles and Fortnite massacres, CS:GO anti-terror operations and Dota 2 tournaments - Discord's servers hosted and coordinated tons of similar events. So what's the secret behind its stardom?

Hardworking little robot

Discord download will bring you comfort and features that the likes of Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc. fail to provide:

  • No lags - perhaps it's the central feature of the app. Discord doesn't excessively consume RAM of your PC along with the Internet traffic, which allows fps run without freezes

  • Chat control - Discord's servers at times can be extremely big. But luckily you don't have to listen or watch every other person speaking thanks to mute & block options. Really the second best feature.

  • No arduous log-in - simply enter your nickname and begin.

  • Security - extra IP/DDoS protection and automatic restart in case of a server failure.

  • Media - every mainstream format, from JPEG to GIF is supported by the app.


These are the basic pillars of Discord's popularity, but the one that crowns them all is the $0 price for the service. Discord Nitro for $99.99 annually provides only cosmetic features such as Custom Tag, Custom Emojis and also exclusive access to the Nitro Games: Super Meat Boy, Tooth and Tail etc.

Setting up a server

Getting your own Chartroom a.k.a. Server to maintain flexible communication with your game-clan, family, co-workers and so on is quite easy.

First, you'll need to download and install Discord. Currently it supports Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux.

Then do the following steps:

Hit the Plus button

Choose Create a Server

Enter the name of your Server

Upload a profile picture


Change its geographical location if necessary

Finally, click on Create

After you have successfully created your server, you can invite your buddies and pals to join it.

For that purpose:

1)    Click on the Instant Invite right next to the name of your channel.

2)    An invitational link will be generated.

3)    Click on the Copy button.

4)    Share it with your friends.

Additionally, you can set the link to expire in 1, 2, 5 etc. days or command it to stay legit eternally.

Searching for your friends may sound a bit tricky though, but it's really not:

1)    Click on the Add Friend button.

2)    Type in the username, # and Discord tag (4 digits).

This is what an example looks like: SPB#1582.

Is Discord only for gamers?

Certainly not! You don't have to be knee-deep into the world of online playing to enjoy the plentiful benefits of Discord. This application is also good for hosting:

  • Conferences.

  • Briefings.

  • Presentations.

  • Casual friendly chats.

  • Discussion clubs.

  • And even family meetings.

Although Discord has been designed primarily to serve the needs of the gaming community, it has reliable servers, above average sound quality, numerous chat adjustment options and other alluring features we'll mention below.

Tips & tricks

And the Discord review would be empty without a couple of know-hows that will help you squeeze everything out of the app.

1) Useful channels  

Some of the Discord's servers aren't just fan-oriented: they actually specialize in giving out freebies and goodies. For instance:

·        Slippy's Dream World can supply you with free emotes and you won't even have to buy Nitro account to use them.

·        Giveaways Channel is dedicated to the best deals, sales and promo-discounts on the gaming market, as well as loot giveaways.

·        MEE6 - the bot that helps make friends.

·        FredBot Hangout - it plays music.

·        Points Prizes - allows you to claim gift cards, earn bonus points etc.

You will find more here:

2) Pager feature

Sounds a bit archaic, but it enables you to share important news/info with the members of your server at once. It can be done both privately and openly.

3) Filtering messages

If you possess membership in numerous Discord servers, this feature will save you from being buried under a message avalanche:

·        Go to Notification Settings.

·        Select Only Mentions.

Now you will be notified of just those messages that directly mention or address you.

4) Going stylish

Your text messages can look unique and individual if you use various styles and colors, secretly available in Discord:

·        Italics - *italics* or _italics_

·        Bold - **Bold**

·        Underline - _Underline_

The full list of styles can be seen here:

5) Be the loudest

With the Priority Speaker feature you can decrease the audio volume of other participants speaking, so your voice could be heard better. But it's available if only you run the server or have been given this privilege by the owner.

6) Tweaking the sound  

In case you're going to stream and bought yourself a fancy studio microphone, you might want to disable some of the default audio functions. Among them:

·        Echo Cancellation.

·        Noise Suppression.

·        Automatic Gain Control.

Most of those were added to bring bearable sound quality to weak/average headsets, therefore professional gear can be affected negatively, for example by muddy reverberation.

7) Game Display  

Turn it on to let everyone know that you're busy at the moment playing a game: its title will be displayed as well.

8) StreamMode

You can stream your playing via the app too. To do that you need to:

·        Link your YouTube/Twitch account to the Discord server.

·        Activate the mode in the Streamer tab.

Additionally, Steam, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks can be attached to your Discord.

9) Be safe  

If you have the ambition to create a popular Discord community, you have to choose an adequate verification level first, otherwise, it may get hijacked. Go to Server Setting, click on Overview and choose a Low, Medium or Panic level.

10) Mobile app

Your plans, e.g. regarding an evening raid in WoW, may change unexpectedly due to you having to stay late at work. Alert your comrades using the app to avoid possible misunderstanding (and treachery accusations).



  • Rare problems with tech-support
  • Broad "troll" community
  • Scarce cosmetic features in free version


  • Absolutely free
  • No glitches or lags
  • Extensive chat control
  • High protection
  • Terrific sound quality
Gameplay controls